Adele Net Worth (2021): The Singing Prodigy

Adele Net Worth (2021): The Singing Prodigy

Adele Net Worth is estimated to be around $190 million!

The second richest musician in the UK, Adele is famous for her melodious style and her fierce personality. In this article, you will find insights into the Hello singer’s life as well as an in-depth breakdown of Adele net worth. 

Adele Net Worth
Adele – A singing Sensation

A phenomenal music sensation, Adele is a fan favorite across the globe. She is an English singer and songwriter with three super hit albums under her belt. Her debut album secured eight platinum certifications in the UK while the second one received 17 platinum certifications. Adele’s Mezz soprano style of singing is popular among millions of music lovers. Besides, her lyrics express a wide range of emotions, conveying the depths of human existence.

She is a self-taught singer

Adele has herself claimed Ella Fitzgerald, Roberta Flack, and Etta James as her inspiration and tutors. Multiple-time recipient of the biggest honors in the music industry, Adele has become a legendary music icon at just the age of 30.

Born in the North London city of Tottenham, Adele moved to Brighton with her family after her father left. She completed her graduation from the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology. At the time, she focused more on A&R rather than launching a career of her own. In fact, her very first success as a singer also came incidentally when a classmate posted her song demo project on MySpace.

Adele enjoyed her first stint of popularity after her class project songs went viral on MySpace. Consequently, she received an invite from Richard Russell and signed a deal in 2006. Her first breakthrough came a year late with the single Hometown Glory. She turned into a headliner after the success of this single and performed at many gigs. Following this initial success, Adele launched her career at a full-fledged scale with the release of her first studio album 19. 


Key Contributions and Achievements

Adele’s first album came out in 2008, entitled 19. The 19-year old started her journey up the ladder of success from this very album. It became a commercial success while gaining her critical acclaim worldwide. The album reached the number one rank on the British charts. It also bagged her many awards, such as the Mercury Prize, the Urban Music Award, and more.

After this wildly successful response, the 19-year old signed a contract with Columbia Records. This was to introduce her foray in the US market. She also toured many North American cities in June 2008 for the release of her album. The billboard magazine accredited her as one of the most promising rising talents in the music industry with the potential to become a respected international celebrity.

The album earned the gold RIAA certification a year later. She also kicked off her world tour entitled An Evening with Adele in 2008 and continued until 2009. Her first Grammy award came a year later for the Best New Artist category. She also won the Grammy for the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her chart breaking single Chasing Pavements. Adele net worth skyrocketed after these huge accomplishments.

Receiving the appointment as an MBE in 2013 is also one of the key moments in Adele’s life. She received the honor for her services in the field of music. With this, she also became a cultural icon joining an elite list of famous Britons abroad, including this likes of JK Rowling and David Beckham.


Getting the Recognition

Having earned a reputation for herself in the domestic and international music scene, Adele rose to greater prominence after the release of her second album. She launched 21 in 2011. This record-breaking album reached the top position in a whopping thirty countries worldwide. She also ventured on the Adele Live tour for the promotion of this album. This tour also contributed immensely to Adele net worth. 

However, her tour was cut short due to a vocal-cord hemorrhage. After undergoing throat surgery, she made a mindblowing comeback at the 2012 Grammys. With six nominations in multiple categories, it became Adele’s evening to remember! She won all six nominations and became the second most successful female artist in Grammy history. Her success was repeated at the Brit Music Awards, following which Adele net worth soared off the roof!


Taking the World by a Storm

The 31-year old Hello singer produced music for the James Bond movie entitled Skyfall. She was the songwriter, music composer, and singer for the movie’s audio landscape. The single Skyfall became an instant hit and sold over 5 million copies across the globe. It went on to win Adele some of the biggest awards like the Golden Globe and the Oscar for Best Original Song.

One of the most important accomplishments of her career was receiving the Billboard Artist of the Year award two times in a row. She became the first-ever music artist to win both the Billboard Artist of the Year and Album of the Year award consecutively.

Her third studio release entitled 25 came two years later in 2014. In her own words, this album throws light on the person she turned out to be in the twenty-five years of her life. The release of her single Hello broke the Vevo record for the highest views on a video in a day. The song also hit one billion YouTube views in the fastest period. By October of the same year, the single became the seventh best-selling song worldwide. This further boosted Adele net worth that year.

Key Moments in Life

Adele has been a name synonymous with records and achievements. She has won a plethora of awards throughout her 22-year career. Her fame spread outside of the UK with the release of her first album itself. By the time of the second album release, she had already become a music icon across the globe!

One of the most special moments in the singing sensation’s career was in 2007 with the launch of her single Hometown Glory. She went on to bag her first Grammy award two years later after the release of her first album. Her second album broke many records and swept the music charts worldwide. It soon earned the badge of the biggest album of the 21st century. Consequently, Adele net worth reached greater heights with sellout shows and an array of awards including six Grammys.

Adele Net Worth
Adele Net Worth

Adele launched her third and final album yet in 2015. She also toured in 2016 for promoting this release. In addition to bringing her the love of millions of fans, the album secured her several awards. With this super hit album, Adele broke many records at every award show as well. She won five Grammy awards alongside several Brit Music awards as well. Her hit single Skyfall is also one of the biggest highlights of Adele’s career. It won some of the most prestigious awards that there are.


Adele married her long-time boyfriend Simon Konecki in 2016. Her marriage was a quiet affair and was revealed in her acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards in 2017. However, many tabloids talked about marriage after observing matching rings on the couple’s fingers. Their marriage came to an end in 2019, following which speculations were rife about the diminishing in Adele net worth.


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Adele net worth: Detailed Assessment and Insights

The phenomenal singer enjoys the admiration of millions of fans across the UK and worldwide. Her massive fan following has contributed immensely to her net worth as well. From bringing her the money through social media to selling out her concerts, Adele’s fans have played a pivotal role in the singer’s enviable wealth so far. This is testified by the fact that she was able to add another 10 million pounds without releasing any piece of music in 2019!

The singing sensation has amassed a great deal in Adele net worth in the twelve years since she made her debut in the music industry. In 2020, she has become the second highest-earning British musician, after Ed Sheeran. Her net worth is estimated to be around $190 million! Various shocking statistics from previous years also throw light on the multimillion-dollar star’s earnings. She earned 45,000 pounds a day in 2017 while the number rose to $120,000 in the very next year!

The 31-year old has multiple sources of earning, from music launch and concerts to brand endorsements and real estate. The music phenomenon has an impressive and expansive portfolio of properties, depicting her fondness for real estate. Her earnings from music events show and awards are also quite significant. This section throws ample light into every aspect of Adele net worth along with the real numbers!


Adele net worth: Music Albums and Concerts

Like most performing artists, most of Adele net worth comes from her albums, singles, and concert performances. She also earns a great deal of money from several events and award shows. Her most recent album entitled 25 secured her a whopping 9-million pound capital that amounts to approximately $12 million. The album also sold over 22 million copies worldwide.

To date, the 31-year old has launched three studio albums. Interestingly, each album is named after the age at which she released them. Her first album entitled 19 sold over 31 million copies worldwide. However, the singing sensation had to pay close to 50% of her earnings as taxes.

Besides, one of the most significant contributions to Adele net worth comes from her concerts. Her most recent and one of the biggest concert tours was the 121-show world tour in 2016 and 2017. While she earned around $55 million from this global tour, her net earnings topped 142 million pounds from this tour.

Adele is among the most the elite bracket of musicians in the UK and the world. The 18-time recipient of the BBMAs, Adele has been churning out hit after hit in the music industry. Her album releases, movie song productions, concerts, and events are key contributors to her enormous fortune!


Adele net worth: Personal Assets

The multiple-time Grammy winner has a huge array of real estate investments. Adele is known to have a keen interest in luxurious properties. Consequently, she owns a vast and stunning portfolio of homes, apartments, and penthouses in different parts of the world. A big chunk of Adele net worth also stems from her varied real estate ownership. The phenomenal singer owns several properties across the UK.

One of her homes for the longest time was in West Sussex. It is an eight-bedroom country estate worth 11 million dollars. This property was on the market in 2017. Apart from that, she also sold a beachfront property in the city of Brighton. The $3.7 million-dollar deal earned her a profit of approximately a million dollars.

In addition to these properties, she also owns an apartment in West London that is worth somewhere around 1.5-3 million pounds. Besides, her stunning collection of properties also includes townhouses in Kensington, a ritzy neighborhood in the English capital. These townhouses collectively add another 11 million pounds to Adele net worth.

Moreover, the hitmaker has several properties in the US as well. She has a mansion amid the company of Hollywood’s finest in the Beverly Hills’ posh society. This estate is priced somewhere between 9 and 10 million USD. She also owned a 3-bedroom apartment in the suburban LA locale. However, this property went over to her ex-husband during their divorce proceedings.


Adele net worth: Companies and Charity

Adele net worth also comes from two of her touring companies, viz. Remedy Touring LLP and Melted Stone Publishing. The former is responsible for managing the singer’s worldwide tours and events that she partakes in. Besides, the latter earns primarily from the rights to her lyrics, music, and more. With ownership stakes in both the companies, the 31-year old celebrity secures a sizeable fortune from these establishments.

Moreover, Adele has shown a streak of philanthropy throughout her career. Some of the charity events where she performed include the Keep a Child Alive ball, Save the Music Foundation charity, Annual Holiday Charity Revue by John Mayer, and more. She also partook in the Pride London parade along with Comic Relief for the Red Nose Day telethon. A part of Adele net worth also goes to the MusiCares organization that supports all musicians that need financial aid.

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