Jeff Bezos Net Worth in Indian Rupees (2021): A Glance at the Richest Man in Modern History

Jeff Bezos Net Worth in Indian Rupees (2021): A Glance at the Richest Man in Modern History

What is Jeff Bezos net worth in Indian rupees in 2021?

Jeff Bezos net worth in rupees in 2021 is approximately Rs. 14,75,466 Crores or $198 billion.

One of the most fluctuating things of our time is Jeff Bezos net worth.

Jeff Bezos (Forbes) exemplifies innovation and wealth. He created an online store at a time when the internet was not even accessible worldwide. His idea for emerged from the surprising statistic of the internet’s growth at a 2300% ratio back in 1994. The Princeton graduate quit his job to pursue this revolutionary idea and give shape to the world’s largest e-commerce store.

Bezos’s fortune has grown enormously ever since he made his first billion dollars in 1998. Over the years, he was able to eclipse the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates to become the world’s richest man.

Innovator or Entrepreneur?

However, Bezos can be identified with multiple titles in addition to being an innovator. He is an intelligent entrepreneur, a hardcore industrialist, a passionate investor, and a dedicated media proprietor. After graduating with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from an Ivy League school, Bezos found

Jeff Bezos Net Worth
Early success

himself in Wall Street. For 8 years since his graduation, he worked in an array of fields related to his discipline.

Yet it was one legendary cross-country road trip where he came up with the life-altering idea of The year was 1994 and Jeff Bezos, then 30 years old, started an online bookstore operating from his garage. In just four years since its inception, Amazon managed to make Bezos a billionaire. Such was the power of his imaginative and futuristic mind!

Today, Amazon forms the largest chunk of Jeff Bezos net worth. Furthermore, the business mogul has a plethora of investments through his venture capital fund called Bezos Expeditions. He has held the position of the richest man in the world since 2017, remarkably above Bill Gates. Besides, Bezos has also worked immensely for philanthropic causes in the US and worldwide.


Key Contributions and Achievements

A gifted scholar, Bezos displayed an academic affinity towards science ever since he was in school. He was a National Merit Scholar and a Silver Knight Award recipient in school. In his speech at the valedictorian ceremony in school, he expressed his desire for humankind to conquer space. At Princeton, Bezos graduated summa cum laude securing multiple accomplishments. He was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa, the Quadrangle Club, and the president of the Students for Exploration and Development of Space society.

Upon his graduation, a young and promising Bezos bagged job offers from big names like Intel and Bell Labs. However, he chose to work with a telecommunications start-up in the fintech niche. He then joined the banking industry and worked at a newly founded hedge fund as well. It was during a cross-country trip in 1993 when Bezos came up with a business plan for Amazon. It is said that the idea was premised on the growth of the internet by a whopping 2300% at the time.

In the middle of 1994, came into existence. It started as an online bookstore operating from Bezos’s garage with a team of two programmers. He got a $300,000 investment from his parents and put up $10,000 from his pocket. From his end, he warned every initial investor about the 70% possibility of Amazon tanking in the first few years itself.


Jeff Bezos Net Worth in Indian Rupees – Becoming a Billionaire

Amazon went for an IPO in 1996 and managed to raise $54 million in equity. In the face of criticism from the media, Bezos expressed his confidence in the power of the internet. Throughout the initial phase of Amazon, he maintained the fact that the internet will aid the company to take over bookstore giants like Barnes and Noble.

The year 1998 witnessed the first major expansion of the company. Bezos expanded it into the consumer retail market while also including music and video sale. This was the year when Jeff Bezos net worth crossed the $1 million milestones for the first time.

While the company managed to grow steadily but confidently, 2002 brought it close to bankruptcy in the face of stagnated revenues. The next year witnessed a massive financial rebound when the company made a staggering revenue balance of $400 million.


Transforming Amazon and Making Investments

In its first year itself, Amazon outshone Bezos’s prediction of earning $74 million. Instead, the company amassed a massive $1.6 billion. After a few initial investors purchasing stocks worth $50,000, Amazon managed to survive the dot com bust. Its growth became exponential right after when it registered $17 billion in revenue in 2001.

Apart from Amazon’s magisterial growth, Jeff Bezos net worth in Indian Rupees also multiplied through his investment in Google. In 1998, Bezos registered himself as one of the earliest investors in the internet giant. In 2013, Amazon became the world’s largest online retail shopping site. The same year, Bezos launched Amazon Prime subscription as well. This came off as a revolutionary initiative that changed the way people used the internet. It also came with Amazon Prime Air privileges where people received their orders through drones.


Jeff Bezos Net Worth in Indian Rupees – Taking Off to Space

The business magnate founded a human spaceflight company, Blue Origin in 2000. This company is aimed at realizing Bezos’s long-time dream of conquering space and commercializing travel outside the planet. He wishes to construct hotels, leisure parks, and colonies for the inhabitation and recreation of human beings. The company also contributes significantly to the net worth of Jeff Bezos in addition to his major stakes in Amazon. Besides, Blue Origin has also launched a couple of orbital vehicles.


Key Moments in Life

Apart from laying the foundations of the world’s biggest e-commerce store, Jeff Bezos has had many significant moments in his life. Time magazine recognized the remarkable entrepreneur as the 1999 Person of the Year for his pioneering idea. He also received an honorary doctorate from the prominent Carnegie Mellon University in 2008.

Jeff Bezos doing Indian Namaste
Jeff Bezos doing Indian Namaste

Besides, the establishment of Blue Origin in 2000 is also a major highlight in Bezos’s life. This is a human spaceflight company premised on the billionaire’s dream of conquering space. It is in line with his vision of making it possible for humans to travel to space for leisure time. the company launched its first successful orbital vehicle in 2015.


Jeff Bezos Net Worth in Rupees in 2021: Detailed Insights

Jeff Bezos is a fairly new name in the list of the world’s richest people. However, Jeff Bezos net worth in Indian Rupees has soared exponentially over the years owing to his brainchild, Besides, the business magnate also has an eye for innovative opportunities to make investments. He spends his money intelligently on futuristic ideas. Furthermore, a sizeable portion of Bezos’s fortune goes into his philanthropic initiatives and charity work as well.

His net worth in 2021 in Indian Rupees is approximately Rs. 14,75,466 Crores or $198 billion. He is the richest man on the planet, way ahead of the second-ranked Bill Gates. Bezos owns 12% of Amazon’s total outstanding shares valued at 58 million. Due to his divorce settlement in 2019, he had to part with 19.7 million shares. However, the multi-billionaire continues to enjoy an enviable fortune.


Jeff Bezos Net Worth Source: Amazon

As the founder, president, and largest stakeholder of the e-commerce giant, Bezos earns the biggest portion of his income from Amazon. The company has had a phenomenal rise over the year, as evident in the growth of its stock prices. At one point, Amazon’s stocks were worth $2050 as well!

In the last five years, Amazon’s stock has produced a return of over 523%. Bezos owns almost 16% of the company’s stocks that accounts for the largest portion of his income. Moreover, he has sold stocks worth $70 billion ever since the company’s IPO in 1997.  Jeff Bezos net worth reached the $10 billion milestones within a year since reaching $1 billion. It became $50 billion in the next sixteen years. However, it took him only three years to triple this into $150 billion.


Jeff Bezos Net Worth Source: Real Estate

In addition to his stakes in Amazon, a plethora of real estate investments also constitute his net worthHis aerospace company entitled Blue Origin operates at a Corn Ranch in Texas, which is 165,000-acre large. It is the landing site for the orbital vehicles that the company launches.

Bezos owns properties across the USA. He owns two properties in Beverly Hills with a combined worth of $225 million. The 10-acre estate is estimated at $165 million. It has a mansion of 13,600 sq feet. He also owns a hilltop property, which is 120-acre large by the name of Enchantment Hill.

Apart from these big real estate investments, he owns a host of other properties. This includes a $13 million mansion along with a $24.5 million mansion in Beverly Hills. He also acquired a $23 million property that functioned as an erstwhile museum. Besides, his net worth also includes 300,000 acres of ranches in Texas. He also owns 100,000 acres combined in several parts of the country.

Furthermore, he has a $10 million property in Washington since 1999. Six years later, he acquired a $50 million property right next to this Washington estate. Furthermore, Amazon acquired its headquarters in South Lake Union, Seattle worth $1.5 billion in 2012.


Jeff Bezos Net Worth Source: Bezos Expeditions

A part of Jeff Bezos net worth also includes his venture capital fund named Bezos Expeditions. Through this vehicle, he made one of the first investments in Google in 1998. His investment in 1998 was worth $250,000. Its value multiplied to $3 billion in 2017. Another key investment from this vehicle went to Unity Biotechnology. The company is engaged in life-extension research striving to find a solution to slow or stop aging.

Bezos is thoroughly invested in the healthcare sector with several investments. His portfolio includes Unity Biotechnology, Juno Therapeutics, Grail, and ZocDoc. In 2018, he also launched a healthcare venture entitled Haven. This partnership firm brings together the likes of Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan.

The business mogul’s affinity towards technology also plays a pivotal role in his investment portfolio. He aims to utilize Bezos Expeditions to promote communication between people. His net worth contributes heftily to the media and communications sector. In addition to his investment in Twitter, he has also put up $55 million on Business Insider, a business news magazine.

Moreover, he acquired The Washington post for a cost of $250 million in the year 2013. The media house witnessed a significant surge in its readership ever since the acquisition and outweighed the likes of The New York Times. Bezos also has important investments in the travel and tourism sector. He invested a whopping $112 million in Airbnb while financing $35 million for Uber.

Furthermore, Bezos has invested in a company named Glassybaby. It is dedicated to making glass-blown holders for candles.


Jeff Bezos Net Worth Source: Miscellaneous Investments

Additionally, Bezos has a special dedication to mankind’s technological progress. This is evident in his investment portfolio as well. Amazon’s entry into the cloud computing arena also exemplifies this desire in the billionaire.

However, in addition to Amazon Web Services, Bezos has also made significant contributions to other players in cloud computing. One such investment was for Workday Inc. This company is committed to providing human resources through the cloud. After garnering investment from Bezos Expeditions, the company gleaned a massive $684 million in its IPO.

More importantly, Jeff Bezos net worth also comprises some unique investments. These two investment projects are incredible in their idea. One of the projects includes the construction of a clock inside a mountain range. The idea is to build a 10,000-year in the interiors of the Sierra Diablo mountain range. It will have a chime generator fixed inside of it to create a unique chime sound every day. Bezos explained his rationale behind investing in this project in terms of long-term thinking.

Another project is the F-1 retrieval engine. This project involves wide-ranging efforts to recover the engines deployed in the Apollo 11 flight to the moon. These engines are lying deep in the ocean floor and the project seeks to find and salvage these items. It is assumed that these engines, whenever recovered, will be donated to the Smithsonian.

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